Make it Sew with Kate



Class length

  1. Why do you suggest 2 hour long classes?

    Sewing is something that requires time and patience. So often it takes an hour to really get the ball rolling and feel as if something is being accomplished. It would be a poor time to end the lesson. Two hours is the perfect amount of time to cover a lot of ground and get the student in a comfortable place.

  2. Can it be longer?

    Sure. 2 hours is merely a suggestion and in my experience a perfect balance that is neither too long nor too short.

  3. Why isn't there an half hour option?

    As I said sewing is something that needs time. It also is hard on everyone to go through the effort of preparing for a lesson that is so short. 

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  1. Why can't you host the lessons?

    I live in a small apartment and don't have the space to host friends for fun occasions. I really don't have the space to have students sewing comfortably. Also, you will need to be able to sew on your own time. 

  2. Is there homework?

    Short answer: Yes. 

    I would like you to get comfortable sewing on your own. It is best for me to teach you through a process and then have you accomplish it on your own. This is how I can see if you are learning or if you are depending on me to fix it for you. Also it would be a waste of your money if I sat and watched you hand sew for an hour.

  3. I don't have a machine, can't you bring one?

    No. As I have said you need to be able to sew on your own time as well. I will bring my serger for us to use when necessary for the garment, but you must have your own standard machine. 

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